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 “It looks sticky.” Cassie commented, lifting up the wooden spoon a bit to watch how the dough clung on.

Jaime pulled out the measuring cup from the flour bag and shook out the excess. “It’ll get less sticky soon. Trust me.” He dumped in the flour and watched as Cassie stirred it.

They were making bread in her kitchen as their plans to go to the movies was hindered by the storm that was falling down outside. It was pretty bad and the weatherman said it was only going to get worse so they decided on a day in. They decided to make bread when Jaime commented that he learned how to bake things from him grandmother during the summers. Seeing as she already had everything he needed and it didn’t look like they were going to go anywhere soon he agreed to teach her how to make bread.

“If I wasn’t so strong this would be really hard to stir.” Cassie leaned over the bowel and planted her feet to stir better. “It’s still pretty hard though.”

Jaime kissed her temple, moving behind her to flour down a spot on the counter. “The dough is no match for your strength, cariño.”

“I don’t know; it’s proving to be a worthy foe.” She grinned at him and stopped stirring. “I believe I have defeated it.”

He nodded as he looked down at the dough. He gently brushed her to the side, taking the bowel in his hands. He titled down over the area he floured and nudged it down with the spoon. Cassie stood off to the side, admiring the view. She watched, transfixed by his arms as he worked the dough.

“Do you just want to stare at me the rest of the day or help?” He teased.

Cassie lifted the corner of her mouth in a smile. “You have things under control over there.”

He chuckled and motioned her to come over. She rolled her eyes and stood in front of the dough. Jaime looked at her expectantly and she pointedly looked back at him until he pointed the the bag next to her. Letting out a sigh she floured up her hands, grimacing as she pushed down on the dough. It felt weird under her hands.

“No,” Jaime stood behind her, reaching around to put his hands over hers. He moved them the way they were supposed to and placed his chin on her shoulder. “Like this.”

Together they kneaded the dough until it was more elastic than sticky. Throughout the whole process they endlessly teased each other to the point where they were both restless when the process was done.

“We have to wait about an hour and a half as the dough rises.” Jaime told her, placing a towel over the bowel.

Cassie cleaned her hands with different dish towel and leaned on the counter. “What should we do while we wait?” She asked, the innocence in her voice offset by the suggested look she had on.

He placed both hands on the counter around her, leaning over her. “I have a few ideas.”


that i accidentally coloured… and quickly shaded… im bad at warm ups



that i accidentally coloured… and quickly shaded… im bad at warm ups

WonderBeetle - La Necesidad de Dormir


Jaime walked through Mount Justice with hands shoved into his sweater; a tired pace could be noticed by anyone who passed him. He really wanted to sleep, but he knew his AP Bio textbook waited for him on his bed. The Scarab chimed an “I told you so” , but Jaime’s brain could not even function properly enough to process its words.

He heard a swoosh come from a door but paid no heed to it; he wanted  and needed sleep and he wanted to rest his eyes and go to sleep and make his head hurt less and-


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I need an AU where Jaime Reyes is like Tony Stark and he works for Kord Industries building weapons. Then one day he builds the Blue Beetle armor as part of a soldier prototype…

And there needs to be a part where the Shadows totally air raid Kord Industries, and the building is coming down around Jaime and Cassie and he totally activates the armor around her to protect her and they have a “I got you” “I got you first” moment.

Mostly I just want to see Cassie in Blue’s armor.

A Wonderbeetle part I did for a Valentine’s Day MEP. Enjoy!